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Professional Benefit Administrators
31 S Center St
Winder, GA

Phone: (770) 963-3939
Toll-free: (800) 578-2082
Fax: (770) 963-6126
Toll-free Fax: (888) 264-6975

Have You Ever:
• Needed your Will prepared or updated?
• Wanted to know your options for mortgages?
• Received a moving traffic violation?
• Needed help with insurance claims?
• Have teenage drivers or kids in college?
• Been pursued by a collection agency?
• Been overcharged for a repair or paid an unfair bill?
• Had trouble with a warranty or defective product?
• Signed a contract of any kind?
• Had concerns regarding child support?
• Been treated unfairly?
• Lost a security deposit?
• Wanted to know what your rights are?
• Been a victim of IDENTITY THEFT or worried about it?
• Had someone commit a crime, get a job, open an account or use medical benefits in YOUR name?

How much does it cost?
PBA offers LegalShield and Identity Shield products deducted biweekly from your Payroll, or by the month via Bankdraft or Credit Card.

Biweekly  Monthly 
$7.00$11.95    Identity Shield
$10.00$19.45    Legal Shield
$14.00$27.90    ID Shield and Legal Shield

Biweekly  Monthly 
$10.00$19.45    Identity Shield
$10.00$19.45    Legal Shield
$16.00$32.40    ID Shield and Legal Shield

What is LegalShield?
Know your rights in any situation. LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter without worrying about high hourly costs. Everyone deserves legal protection. And now, with LegalShield, everyone can access it. No matter how trivial. No matter how traumatic. Welcome to LegalShield. Worry less. Live more.

The Legal Services membership includes: (For Member, Member’s spouse or Domestic partner, and never married dependent children under age 26 living at home.)
• Legal Advice – unlimited issues including Pre-Existing
• Letters/calls made on your behalf- unlimited
• Unlimited Contracts & documents reviewed up to 15 pages each
• Attorneys prepare your Will, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney & Minor Trusts
• Moving Traffic Violation Representation-15-day wait
• IRS Audit Defense
• Trial Defense, includes Pre-Trial and Trial hours.
• Uncontested Divorce, Uncontested Separation, Uncontested Adoption and Uncontested Name Change (90-day wait) Also includes Residential Loan Document Assistance (for Primary Residence)
• Preferred Member Discount – other legal matters. (i.e. bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, criminal charges, child custody)
• 24/7 Emergency Access for covered situations
• Online legal forms, video law library & consumer discounts at several HUNDRED retailers.

The ID Shield membership includes: (for member, or member, spouse/domestic partner & up to 8 minor children for Consultation, Monitoring and full Restoration, and Dependents up to age 26 for Consultation and full Restoration, including Pre-Existing ID Theft)
Covering all types of Identity Theft such as Medical, Driver’s License, Criminal, Financial, Social Security Fraud.
• 24/7 Continuous Credit Monitoring with Activity Alerts
• Comprehensive Restoration Service by licensed experts at Kroll Advisory Solutions for all areas of ID Theft, including a tri-merged credit report after your identity is restored AND a background check to check for criminal warrants, multiple driver’s licenses, Federal.
• Unlimited Identity Theft Consultation, including 24/7/365 Emergency Access to licensed investigators at KROLL
• Web Watcher - Daily web monitoring for unauthorized use of your personal information
• Public Persona - Monthly monitoring of any changes to SSN or address history associated with your name
• Lost Wallet Assistance - Help with canceling and replacing cards & IDs, and placing fraud alerts for a lost wallet or purse.
• Social Security Number Skip-Trace - SS # search through 34 billion public records to detect potential fraud.
• Sex Offender Search - Search of sex offender Registry Reports
• Quarterly CREDIT SCORE TRACKER, Bank Account Number Monitoring, Credit Monitoring and Credit Card Number Monitoring. Court Record Monitoring. Public Persona Monitoring.
• Credit Inquiry Alerts, Black Market Website Surveillance, Minors Monitoring and Restoration.
• Payday Loan Monitoring, Passport Number Monitoring, Medical ID Number and Drivers License Monitoring.
$5 Million Service Guarantee: If your identity gets breached, we will do whatever it takes- as long as it takes- to restore it!

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